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An internationally noted marketing and communications specialist, Jack Burke is a leading authority on relationship-oriented marketing, customer service, and communication. A captivating and motivational speaker, Jack delights audiences with his expert insights, practical applications and the sharing of personal experiences.

Jack Burke is the published author of Relationship Aspect Marketing (Silver Lake), Creating Customer Connections (Silver Lake), and contributing author to Best of Class (Executive Excellence). He also writes the monthly Connections column for The Automated Agency Report and has authored hundreds of articles for various trade magazines.

As the host/narrator/interviewer of the monthly Audio Insurance Outlook, Burke's voice is particularly well-known within the insurance community.

As a marketing and communications expert, Jack has been featured on CNBC News, Los Angeles KTLA-5's Making It show, Los Angeles KCAL-9 News, the Automotive Satellite Television News and the electronic Small Business University (

Jack's credentials over 30 years of successful corporate experience include: President and founder of Sound Marketing, Inc.; Director, Hertz Corporation's North American Retail Car Sales; Radio & Television News Broadcaster; and award-winning salesman and sales manager. As the founder of Sound Marketing, he has been acknowledged as the developer of such innovative programs as California's Audio Ballot Pamphlet, Delivery Tapes for the automobile industry and a "Talk-Radio" style of audio marketing programs for business.

Jack has received rave reviews for numerous presentations before diverse audiences, including such events as: the National Alliance's prestigious James K. Ruble Sales & Marketing Seminars, HIGH-TECC, numerous Insurance Marketing & Management Services' International Conventions, Meeting Planners International, California Labor Letter, Mann Theatre Group, ARM, Missouri Realtors Association, and many more. Audiences love his personal, and sometimes surprising, style of entertaining education. As Rough Notes reported, "Jack set the tone by shaving off his 27-year-old mustache at the opening of his keynote presentation to demonstrate that 'we have to be willing to change'".


The Opportunities of Challenging Times

Tough economic conditions don’t have to spell disaster, they can provide unique opportunities for growth and prosperity.  How to make the most out of tough times.

Turning Adversity into Opportunity – Whining or Winning?

Life itself is cyclical and how we choose to deal with it is our choice.  Examples of organizations that found success in turn-around situations.

Effectively Harnessing the Power of Change

If change is inevitable, why do we resist it.  How to embrace changes in today's marketplace and maximize their value.

New Challenges in the World of Marketing

The world has moved from analog to digital, what does that mean in the world of marketing and how can you best approach and deal with the new marketing concepts, while retaining the value of the tried and true.

Humanizing Our Electronic World

Ablending of the old and the new in the development of a "human" strategy in marketing and customer service. Includes numerous practical applications that the audience can immediately put into use.

Relationship Marketing: Your Key to Success

How to develop and retain customer loyalty in the Internet Age. Focus includes: Relationship Building, Change, Technology, Marketing, Client-Focus Synergy.

Creating Customer Connections

A solid favorite based on his book of the same name, Jack preaches the philosophy that service must be integrated into the very fabric of an organization, then explains the strategies by which to accomplish the task.

Our Changing World

This motivational speech addresses the critical aspect of change, including the mindset that technology is only a new tool, not "the answer". Focus includes: Change, Management Strategy, Employee Motivation, Customer-Centric Operations. This is an excellent opening or closing keynote address.

Custom Presentations

Let Jack know what you need to accomplish in sales, marketing, communications or management for a custom-designed presentation.


Fees for personal appearances depend on the location, required materials, time and travel. Travel expenses and lodging are additional.  Ask about special wholesale pricing for purchase of Jack’s books for distribution to attendees.

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