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Telephone Messages-On-Hold

Turn "hold" time to "sales" time and decrease hang-ups-on-hold. Informative, entertaining messages retain your callers while educating them about all of your services, products, benefits, features, and specials. All programs are professionally scripted, narrated, and musically scored. Eliminates the exposure to ASCAP & BMI fines for re-broadcasting of copyright music.  And, unlike radio-on-hold, your clients won’t ever hear a competitors commercial.

Choose The Format
(All formats require that your telephone system have a Music-On-Hold function. If not, contact your system provider for details on installing such a function.)

MP3 or Wave Format. Productions are sent in electronic format for uploading to computer phone systems.

CDs.  Stereo CDs for playback from a standard CD player to the music-on-hold function of your telephone system.

Digital Loading Cassettes. Standard cassettes for downloading to your digital player. Program length is dependent upon your system (4,6,or 8 minutes.)

Choose The Contract/Price
All music, voiceover, and production rights are assigned on an annual basis.
Billing is done annually. 111 accepted.

Single Production Annually ~ $249.00 Quarterly (4) Productions ~ $499.00 Bi-Monthly (6) Productions ~ $699.00 Monthly (12) Production ~ $1199.00BREAK OUT OF THE ORDINARY!!!

Here's a new and different type of message programming for companies that want to set themselves apart. We will conduct a short interview with a representative of your company and three interviews with clients (all conducted over the telephone). We will then mix a program that contains standard narrated messages interspersed with sound bytes from the interviews. It almost sounds like talk radio -- except your customers are listening to client testimonials and special messages from you.

Your cost is $499 for the production and one year rights assignment. Ask us about it.