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Audio Marketing Programs

Wouldn't it be nice to be a star on "talk radio", tell your company's story, have guest clients provide testimonials.....and then send copies to all your clients and prospects? Well, now you can!

Each Audio Marketing Card features interviews with you, your staff and your top clients, enabling your story to be told in an effective, respectful manner. This enables your clients and prospects to hear exactly what you do, how you do it, and the benefits they can expect. Plus, they can listen during their non-productive commute (windshield) time--never intruding on their all-too-precious work or personal time.

Hosted by Sound Marketing president and author Jack Burke, these interview programs encase your sales and service presentations in an entertaining, non-intrusive format assisting your efforts in creating and maintaining a "top-of-mind" position with clients and prospects. Perfect for general marketing or target campaigns.

How It Works

  1. Sound Marketing gathers information, outlines a presentation strategy, and schedules telephone interviews.
  2. Interviews are conducted through state-of-art studio telephone technology and program is mastered for approval.
  3. Custom labeled CDs are replicated and shipped to you for distribution to clients and prospects.


$2,995.00 ~ Includes 500 audio CDs. All preparation, scripting, recording, editing, talent/music usage rights and label design.
Additional CDs ~ $1.95

111 accepted. Invoicing on prior credit approval.

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