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The Audio Insurance Outlook is like "talk-radio for the insurance industry". Each month you receive a one-hour audio CD that is packed with valuable resources to help insurance agencies to prosper and grow. Host and producer is Jack Burke, who has interviewed thousands of insurance professionals, experts and consultants over the past 25 years. Based on that experience, Jack not only locates the "best of the best" to share their expertise with you -- but seeks out answers to the tough questions you face on a daily basis.

Each monthly AUDIO CD contains informative interviews with successful agency owners on their marketing or management approaches, discussions with the top experts and consultants within the industry and details on the latest advances in automation and technology critical to successful agency/company operations.

Audio Insurance Outlook is time management at its best! Subscribers will keep up-to-date with the latest trends and issues without sacrificing normally productive time. Simply pop your CD into your car's player and listen to this valuable resource during your non-productive commute time -- or use a portable "Walkman" player to listen while you jog or exercise. It's like having a conference arrive in your mail every month.

Annual Subscription - $199
As an added benefit, your first issue will be delivered in a vinyl storage album.

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