About us - Company

Sound Marketing was founded in 1984 by Jack and Jo Ann Burke.  Originally the company exclusively served the automotive industry with vehicle marketing and customer satisfaction programs for automakers and dealers.  Over time, the company began serving the informational and marketing needs of such other industries as insurance, financial services, specialty manufacturing, entertainment, and cosmetics.

The mission of Sound Marketing has remained focused on helping organizations with the “business of business” by providing marketing, communication, management, planning, education, and service oriented resources to help them grow their brand, attract new clients, retain existing clients, and increase profitability.

In the mid-90’s, Sound Marketing expanded its services to include some limited consulting services in reply to demand created by the publication of Jack’s books,
his frequent articles in trade magazines, appearances on television, and his public speaking at conventions.

After over 20 years of operation in southern California, Sound Marketing moved its headquarters to Branson, Missouri in 2005 for a more centralized location and a dramatically improved quality of life for Jack and Jo Ann.

Key Historical Events for Sound Marketing:

  • Feb 1984 – Cerritos Ford (still a client) becomes our first customer with an order to produce 1,000 automotive    delivery tapes.
  • July 1984 – Deal signed with Ford Motor Company to produce delivery tapes for their dealers under the program    name “Sound Advice”.  Contracts later followed    with Winnebago, Nissan, and Subaru.  Sound Marketing moves out    of the Burke’s dining room into new quarters in Chatsworth, California.
  • 1986 – Sound Marketing expands from 100% automotive focus to begin producing hundreds of informational    programs for the insurance industry for Insurance    Marketing & Management Services. 
  • 1987 – Sound Marketing continues to expand scope of services to financial services, expert consultants, beauty,    manufacturing, and other industries.
  • 1991 – Sound Marketing, under subsidiary Compliance Publishing, releases the “ADA Compliance Manual: Equal    Information Access”, written by Jack Burke and    Neal Rimer, Esq.
  • 1992 – Sound Marketing develops the “Audio Ballot Pamphlet” for the state of California’s efforts to put the written    information to audio for the blind. (Sound    Marketing continues to provide election recording services for a number    of governmental jurisdictions in California.)
  • 1993 – Sound Marketing moves into new facilities in Calabasas, California.
  • 1997 – Jack’s book “Creating Customer Connections” released by Merritt Publishing.  Sound Marketing begins    working with Time Warner’s chain of Mann    Theaters.
  • 1998 – Jack is invited to join other noted authors, such as Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, and Ken Blanchard, in writing    a chapter in the book “Best of Class:    Building a Customer Service Organization” published by Executive Excellence.
  • 2001 – Jack’s book “Relationship Aspect Marketing” is published by Silver Lake Publishing.
  • 2001 – Audio Insurance Outlook is launched.
  • 2002 – Sound Marketing officially opens a consulting division.
  • 2005 – Sound Marketing moves from southern California to Branson, Missouri.
Creative “Firsts”

  • Development of automotive delivery tapes.
  • Development of sales demonstration audiotapes for vehicles.
  • Development of audio election ballot pamphlet for the blind.
  • Development of “talk radio interview style” marketing programs for business.
Special Moment in Time:

Jack shaves off his 30-year mustache during a keynote speech on “Change” at an insurance conference in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.