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Relationship Aspect Marketing

Building Customer Loyalty In The Internet Age Silverlake Publishing/ISBN: 1-56343-741-4

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The Internet economy has changed just about everything on how businesses find and cultivate markets. CEOs, sales managers and owners of small to medium size companies need something broader -- a new paradigm for identifying, approaching, and developing customers. This is more than the details of assembling a broadcast e-mail. It's a strategy for impressing customers online and convincing them to do business with you on an ongoing basis. This book will offer readers a complete system for defining their goods or services, promoting them appropriately, and adjusting them to the changing terms of business in an electronic world. The book examines winners and losers in the information economy -- and doesn't hesitate to take controversial stands. In a marketplace that calls just about everything "genius", Jack Burke dares to tell the truth about marketing and customer service plans that work and ones that don't.

Relationship Aspect Marketing is not confined to the world of the Internet. This book looks at all facets of the electronic world from the telephone to the website and everything in between. Too often business believes that the technology is the answer. Burke reminds them that technology is just another tool to better focus on the client and that business must humanize the electronic world if it hopes to survive and prosper.

Creating Customer Connections

How To Make Customer Service A Profit Center For Your Company by Jack Burke Silver Lake Publishing, 1997 ISBN 1-56343-149-1

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Excellent customer service generates repeat business and strong profit margins. Shoddy customer service creates a quagmire of returned product and complaints. Success in this area requires dedication, intensity....and even a bit of magic. The magic makes for great stories, but the dedication and intensity pay the bills. This book breaks down the various facets of customer service into every nook and cranny of an operation. Complete with tear-out, self-help forms. 317 pages, Merritt Publishing.

"Success in business requires an integrated marketing and communication approach that will result in the cultivation of a nexus between a company and its customers." Jack Burke

  • Define your corporate character and image--so what you say and how you say it matches what you do and how you do it.
  • Channel spontaneity and creativity in productive customer service and sales.
  • Use technology and media to link your company and marketplace.
  • Prioritize your results and keep your staff focused on the customer.
  • Integrate customer service into every facet of your marketing and communications.
  • Combine public relations and advertising with customer service for cost-effective marketing.

"There can be no argument today why companies must organize around their customers. Jack Burke shows us how. From concept to execution, we learn how to develop high standards for service and how to deliver on them. This is a must read for anyone intent on improving quality." Betsy Sanders, former VP & GM, Nordstrom, Inc. and author of "Fabled Service: Ordinary Acts, Extraordinary Outcomes".

"This book breaks new ground. Burke's fresh ideas possess the power to give a business a competitive advantage. He's light-years ahead because he's the first in this field to integrate customer service into a company's overall marketing and sales program. This is a book where the reader gets ready-to-use ideas on every page." John Graham, president Graham Communications and author of "203 Ways To Be Supremely Successful In The New World Of Selling".

Best of Class - Currently out of copy.

Building a Customer Service Organization. An inspiring collection of the best and brightest thinking on service leadership

Editor Ken Shelton has compiled a series of articles on service leadership from the pages of Executive Excellence Magazine. Sound Marketing president Jack Burke is among the prestigious list of contributing authors, including Stephen R. Covey, Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Grace Major, Michael S. Dell, Dave Thomas, Peter Block, Ed Yager, Chip R. Bell, and many others.

Best of Class will provide you with new insights and directions crucial to meeting the demand for competitive customer service and superior quality. It will inspire you to renew your charge toward meeting the needs of your customers and clients.

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